Our architecture office Readymake, founded in Paris in 2012, develops its expertise in a set of scales, from local design to territorial planning.

Managed by high-scale professionals, we expanded our team with the creation of the new based in São Paulo in 2014.

Our work is inspired by the Franco-Brazilian exchange to strengthen the dialogue between the two cultures and enrich the social and contextual dimension that each project conducts.

Our area of expertise opens to various fields, such as new mixed-use developments, residential and commercial retrofit, large-scale corporate reforms and urban planning.

Today we have a team of ten professionals in Brazil and France.

Camille Bianchi, founder of Readymake, is an architect, urban planner, graduated from the National School of Architecture of Paris Belleville and master in architecture from FAUUSP.

She has also worked as a teacher at the Escola da Cidade de São Paulo since 2015.