Maria Magdalena
Residential retrofit
São Paulo _ Brazil

Maria Magdalena Building is located at Bandeira Square, at the heart of the lively downtown area of São Paulo, near the main transportation axes.

Our firm is in charge of the project to completely renovate its facade and common areas. The building has 28 apartments ranging from 50 to 120 sqm. The building's main features were preserved and emphasized, such as its large windows, high ceilings, spacious rooms, and high-quality tile coverings.

The curved shapes of the detailing (such as the main door's restored brass doorknob) inspired the design of the panel in the ground floor foyer, made up of natural wood and
mirror plates.

Along the same lines, we also redesigned the metalwork, such as the internal staircase's guardrail and handrail, the external railing, and the entrance door.

Finally, we took advantage of the first floor's visual connection with the public space to
add a common area, including an ample space for future gym facilities and a playroom
equipped with playful wood furniture, featuring a Scandinavian-inspired décor.