Residential construction
Detail design in progress
Orly _ France

Readymake has submitted the residential building permit for the 1st lot of the urban development initiative for Chemin des Carrières's ZAC in Orly (a commune in southern Paris). This project was the winner of the Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris (IMGP 1) competition.

We are committed to achieving the highest levels in environmental performance by using natural, low-carbon materials.

The project combines industrial lots with Orly's well-established residential fabric. The face of the building is thus oriented towards a more monumental and metropolitan scale, while the more intimate southern façade, composed of a variety of balconies and large green setbacks, opens onto an internal garden.

The building is made up of both market-rate and social-interest apartments (60 in total), combining different typologies that range from studio apartments to larger 4-bedroom units.

The materiality of construction elements was a key factor in the design of the façades, which allowed us to establish rhythm and movement by alternating different brick laying patterns and by playing with the pigmented concrete frames.